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covid19 precautions

As an rms measurement service provider, Residence By Design employees are entering multiple residential properties on a typical day. To help ensure the safety of our employees and clients in the current public health emergency, Residence By Design will take the following steps when completing rms measurement appointments:

lights on / doors open

Since we use equipment which employs touch screen technology, we are not able to wear protective gloves while we work. Upon our arrival, we will request that all rooms be opened and all lights be turned on where needed (blinds are down etc). This will allow us to limit the number of surfaces touched and help to avoid either picking up or depositing any viruses etc.

is anyone sick

For our safety, we will inquire as to any health concerns with any of the homes occupants. If anyone is home sick with COVID-19 symptoms or is self-isolating due to recent travel, we will request that the appointment be rescheduled.


We will be wearing a mask during all appointments. As 15 minutes or more spent with an individual is considered a "close contact" by AHS, all those remaining in the house with us must wear a mask.

hand sanitizer

We are carrying hand sanitizer with us and use it prior to and once we leave each home. If you prefer, we can also wash our hands immediately upon arrival. Please provide paper towels to dry with.

surfaces touched

Opening all of your doors and turning on lights for us should help to minimize surfaces that we have to touch in your home. We may have to move a door out of our way and if so, will try to use the top of the door. As a standard, we place our lasers quite high on the wall for a couple of reasons. One, there are less obstructions once you get close to the ceiling. Two, if we were to inadvertently mar or nick the paint (which so far hasn't happened), it would be out of the direct line of sight. Finally, with COVID-19, it prevents us from touching the wall in an area where everyone else is likely to touch the wall.

social distancing

Where the realtor is the only person with us and once they open the property, they have the option to wait in their vehicle if they'd like. When the homeowner is the only person home, please have as few people inside the home as possible during your measurement appointment. Those that are home are encouraged to give us space to work and avoid following us around or engaging us in conversation. These steps will help us to work quickly and efficiently limiting our time inside your home.

Stay safe everyone!

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