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At Residence By Design, we understand that building a relationship with our clients is the first step in designing their new home or renovation project and that it's the most important step. A new home design or even a renovation to your existing home is a large investment. You need to feel good about and trust the designer that you hire to give you the right advice.

A good designer can design a new home or design a renovation to an existing space easily enough but this is YOUR dream home or YOUR renovation and it should reflect who you are. Every client is unique with their own wish list for their new home or renovation. We need to know who you are, what your style and tastes are, what your plans are and what your vision is for your new home or renovated space. Some clients have sketches, Pinterest posts, or even a floor plan. For other clients, we are basically starting from scratch with a blank page and that's okay too.


Our first step is to book your $99 initial design consultation. We usually meet new clients in their home as we find this makes the most sense especially when renovating a space in your current home.


The second step in the design process is to come up with some conceptual floor plans. These drawings aren't intended for construction purposes - not yet. These drawings take the information gathered in our meetings and put it down on paper in the form of floor plans and/or elevation drawings.


Once you are satisfied with the design we can move on to drafting construction drawings which will be used to actually build your new home or complete your renovation.

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