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trouble booking online

We hate bugs too but they happen. If the booking page won't load or you experience any other issues, try these fixes:

  1. Clear your internet browser cache (history and cookies) and try again. This solves most client booking issues.

  2. When you submit your booking request, you MUST wait for your internet browser to refresh. If you were successful, you’ll see a message which reads “Thank you, your booking request has been received. Please wait for Residence By Design to respond.” If you close your internet browser before you see this message, your booking will not be submitted, we will not be notified of it and you’ll need to go back and submit your booking request again.

  3. Rather than logging in as an existing client, just go in as a new client.

  4. Make sure that the calendar you’re using on your device is set to MST (Mountain Standard Time). This will prevent you receiving confusing emails with times that don’t match the one you selected for your appointment.

If you're still experiencing issues, please send us a message and we'll help you sort it out.

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